Brendan Ramnath - BMus, GDipEd (dist)

Founding Director, Drummer and Registered Teacher

Brendan performs both nationally and internationally as a drummer. He is also the Musical Director and Drummer for RAW Company. Completed tours are New York, Europe, New Zealand and various locations around Australia.

Since witnessing his first live band, Brendan Ramnath was captivated to pursue drumming. Throughout the years, he has pushed himself to learn the many styles of music. He has become fond of teaching his experience to others and has in turn created BRstudioZ where students and emerging artists are able to further their talents. Brendan is now pushing the boundaries once again by utilising technology to create high end productions such as Broadway sellout show "Untapped".

Brendan Ramnath is RAW's Musical Director & one insane drummer! Brendan has toured & performed with Raw Company in New Zealand, Australia, Europe & New York on Broadway! Brendan is pushing the boundaries of traditional drumming to the new age… not only that, but he’s a total tech whizz, being responsible for taking the show to the next level with 95% automation of all lights & audio! We love having Brendan a part of our team.

Teaching Philosphy

BRstudioZ was built with the mindset of having professional equipment (international touring level) available to the students and emerging artists. BRstudioZ's pedagogy recognises that students are remarkably different, therefore adapting the teaching style around each student is essential to further develop and communicate ideas for a greater understanding. This method allows us to hone their skills based on their individuality, which in turn helps students develop their own sense of musical style.

Technology Integration

With the growth of technology, we're able to communicate with the world in a matter of minutes. BRstudioZ has sought out, in addition to audio equipment, industry standard video cameras to allow for an entire package to be made. Students and emerging artists are involved in the creation of their ideas and once the product is complete, they can do with what they like with the end result such as archive, share, post, and upload their ideas to the world!