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Welcome to BRstudioZ, where individuals from all walks of life unite to share their passion for learning and unleash their boundless potential. Our masterclasses range from invigorating cold immersion and breathwork to serene meditation and engaging drum circles.

During my formative years, I wholeheartedly pursued mastery in video production, website coding, audio engineering, and embarked on awe-inspiring tours as a session drummer and musical director, leaving an unforgettable impression on stages spanning the globe from New York to Europe, New Zealand to Alaska, and countless destinations in between.

A profound awakening in 2022 propelled me into exploring my inner universe and cultivating systems to thrive in this new era. The wisdom gained from these transformative years of growth are interwoven into the lessons which have blossomed into a vibrant community.

I invite you to a sanctuary where we embark on an ever-evolving voyage. Together, let us unearth the radiant gold that awaits us within.

Drum and DJ Lessons

Imagine this: you can access all your sick beats online and practice like a pro before each lesson. And guess what? You can even see how you stack up against other drummers and push yourself to new heights. We take things up a notch by introducing a cool theme each term and showcasing it in an epic masterclass instead of a boring old lesson. Come join us on this awesome musical journey and let’s grow together!

– 10-week transformative package

– One lesson gets you into the termly masterclass with all the other students

– $66 for a half-hour lesson

From MCing to DJing, drumming to show producing, videoing to audio engineering, there’s nothing quite like the excitement of a celebration. The energy we bring to the party, just to let loose and have a blast, is absolutely electrifying. I usually use to help organise all the details and rates vary but hit us up and we’ll figure something out!

– MC starts at $770 

– Drumming starts at $550

– DJing starts at $770 (without PA) and $990 (with PA)

– Studio setups and call outs start at $66/half hour (plus travel) 

Our state-of-the-art studio is equipped with the Presonus 32R, which has up to 32 inputs and 18 outputs.

We’ve got a sweet collection of in-ear monitors from KZ, so each member of your band can groove to their own personalised mix.

And let’s not forget about the legendary Roland TD50 electric kit and our awesome lighting that sets the mood.

Want to try multitracking audio or create a killer promo video? Let the world experience the magic you create. Talk to us about your project and we can work something out.

$165 for a 4-hour rehearsal session


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