Imagine. Learn. Create.


Imagine. Learn. Create.


Imagine. Learn. Create.

An exciting app developed for drummers that want to fast-track their learning.


In addition to the iDrum Course, students are able to use the recording studio for lessons.

The idea is to have students perform their lessons in a simulated environment so that they can feel like they are performing on stage.


Soundless Studio combining a Roland tech with an acoustic kit

4 x Wireless IEMs allowing the band to track/rehearse wirelessly

2 x Panasonic GH4s able to record over 10 hours of footage

Presonus 32R for creating stems realtime

Lightkey software to customise lighting scenes


See the rehearsal space in action!

Bands are able to rehearse in the studio and then create high end promotional footage.

Check out Saccharo for more info.


Now working with professional tutors. Students are now able to boost their knowledge for school subjects.


Check out Professional Tutors 121 for more info.


Brendan Ramnath has performed around the world as a session drummer. Completed tours as of 2018 include New York, Europe, New Zealand, Alaska, Florida, Seattle, Fiji, Canada, New Caledonia and all around Australia.


Throughout the years, he has pushed himself to learn everything that captivated him. Now all of these passions are embodied into BRstudioZ; where students, artists and companies are able to benefit from the all-in-one creative environment.

The Rep List is basically all the songs on iReal Charts containing the basic information for the song (tempo, groove, structure). It’s ever expanding but you can take a look a the current list.

“We have used mutliple services such as audio engineering, musical direction, drumming, website coding and video editing; BRstudioZ has always gone above and beyond to exceed expectations.”

Andrew Fee

Owner, Raw Company

“BRstudioZ has been one of the most important partners in my business. They have enabled me to save lost data for very important business projects and created a better work flow with an automated backup system.”

Mauricio Hosi

Director, Hosi Music

“Great producer and has an ear and heart when it comes to perfection. Mega talent as a tech wiz, drummer, teacher, producer and videographer. Love this studio space and rehearsal room!”

Chang Po Ching

Semi-Finalist, The Voice (2018)

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