Eckart Tolle feels like an extraordinary being on this planet. It’s so good to read his words and even listen to him speak. I feel like he’s in my corner helping me understand life and push through all kinds of life problems. I love this book!

I would recommend starting off with this book because it really puts things into an easy to understand routine. I love how the author simplistically shows the reader how to change their life one step at a time.

I felt like this book was a culmination of a few books that I’m reading. I liked the summary of putting all things into one. It felt a little repetitive at times but I’m glad I got through it.  

This book really emphasises the law of attraction, probably a little bit too much so it tends to be a bit corny. Nonetheless I liked having the same concept drilled into me. 

This guy has one of the most powerful voices. Do yourself a favour and listen to his audiobook. He is able to speak straight forward and encourage you to breathe into life’s problems.

The sequel to The Secret, but with the same repetitive concepts. I would only listen to this once over because the concepts are too much the same.

Now this one got me at a really good time. It basically pushes you to live with conviction and without hesitation. The story-telling aspect gets a little old after a few hours into the book but I perservered and found some awesome soul topics at the end!

What a way to impart life advice. This book has an extra-ordinary way of telling you a grand story of one of the biggest analogies I’ve ever read!

I found this quite different. The book uses realistic concepts viewed through a pessimistic/optimistic interchangeable lens. 

Oh boy are you in for a quantum of a time! This book opened up ALL possibilities.

Why is this book not in school?! Everyone should know what we came from!

Mind blown! Once you know where we come from, let’s find our where we’re going!

His journey on different substances is well documented and informative. Good to read before embarking on spiritual journeys.

I have listened to this book over and over. I think you MUST read this to understand the most essential part of life…breath.

Very concise and his humour is nice to break down the concepts of being your true self.

This man blinked this book into existance through “lock out” syndrome. Come on!!!

This is a very motivational book that talks from many viewpoints and encourages you to own your morning thus owning your life.

This explains the miraculous so that you can understand the inner workings of how people can achieve great things.