• Videographer/Audio engineer for graduation concerts
  • Musical Direction/Drummer for "Untapped" production
  • Technical consultant for website, computer and networking systems


  • Technical/Audio Engineer on live gigs
  • Session drummer for corporate events and weddings
  • Musical Director/Content Creator for STEP show - Watch the PROMO


  • Music distribution (Spotify/YouTube/iTunes) and website creator
  • Videographer/Audio engineer for the voice contestant concerts
  • Session drummer for session recordings and live gigs


  • Recording engineer for "50 Sounds" band promotional demo
  • Technical consultant for automated backup systems
  • Data analyser for develping workflow efficiency


  • Email campaign manager for over 2000 clients
  • Technical consultant for computer, phone and billing systems
  • Website designer - Watch the TRANSFORMATION


  • Website designer and email campaign manager
  • Business consultant for increasing productivity
  • Data analyser for effiecient file management system